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Fashion Industry Education Program

For fashionista's aged a mature 8 to 16 years old this is the course for you!

Learn MORE than modeling with our new program all about the exciting, and business side, of the fashion industry!

This program will include education on the following topics:

  • Types of fashion

  • Jobs within the fashion industry

  • Set design

  • Basic photography*

  • Branding

  • On camera interview techniques

  • Social media

  • Styling

  • Runway production

  • Types of modeling

  • Merchandising and more....

PLUS we will be working with a REAL Los Angeles

based clothing company!

*No camera needed - we will use cell phones

This program will have a lot of transferable life skills whether your child wants to go into the fashion industry or not!

life skills such as:

Business etiquette

Public speaking 


Business skills 

Self confidence 

and more...

How does this program work?

This is a 6 week program with flexibility and the chance for ongoing lessons and inclusion in upcoming events and shows in 2021 (COVID dependent)

This program will be taught in person, with only 1 students at a time at our classroom (private one on one education)

We request you wear a mask during each 50 minute class.

We will schedule based upon your, and our instructors, availability - weekdays after school potentially the odd weekend date 

Business Meeting
Fashion Show
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