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Model Day

Our last model day produced some of the work found here on our news page

Our next MODEL Day information is below

We are currently looking for girls to model for a local dress shop.


Any looks and ethnicities welcome

No minimum height requirement

Ages 4 to 8


Sunday September 1st



Classroom 5

SNAP - Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place

4425 N Granite Reef Road




Casting for Tiny Tot Dress Shop catalog


  • Makeup artist

  • Mini photoshoot session

  • 3 edited photo's 

  • Your chance to appear on Tiny Tot Dress Shops website and social media

  • Your choice of outfits from the store to model

  • Model posing advice

  • AND Your chance to be PUBLISHED in a magazine!

ONLY $50 - spaces are limited

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.02.23
karina 13.jpg

*$20 fee based to place you on or books for 1 year as looks change so need to be re-addressed annually 

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