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"My daughter attended one of the summer camps with More Than Modeling. I can't say enough about this camp and Erika. She is such a caring soul, and it clearly shows in her camp. My daughter was so sad when it was over. Erika teaches not only the fun aspects of modeling and beauty, but she also teaches the girls about self esteem, respecting others, no judging others, finding the good in everyone. I highly recommend this camp, not only to girls who are interested in the modeling world, but all girls. Her camp benefits everyone !! Thank you Erika for all your hard work & dedication to our babies !!!- Michele C

"My 9 year old daughter loved, loved, loved the Spring Break Camp. She was excited to go every day and eager to show me what she had learned when I picked her up. It was soo much MORE than modeling, she learned about eating healthy (which now she gives me suggestions on what to cook for dinner), how to notice strengths in people, how to respond politely to people when she is asked questions, how to do her hair, make-up and nails. It was just such a wonderful experience that Erika put on for the girls and I would highly recommend the camp or her services again. My daughter wants to join the camps this summer as well" - Jenny B 

"I'm so incredibly thankful that I met Erika! I'm new to the valley from Houston, where I have been modeling/acting for over 8 years, built great relationships, and booked consistent paid work. Since moving to Phoenix, I've had to start fresh with new industry connections and obtaining paid work has been a slow process. However, within a week of meeting Erika, she helped me obtain PAID modeling work with a legitimate company here in Scottsdale. She also gave me great and seemingly impartial advice on local agencies and the Arizona modeling market. 

Erika is punctual, a true industry professional, kind, knowledgeable about modeling and life, and extremely caring of others. I can only imagine how beneficial her workshops are! And because I've never taken one of her workshops, I can't recommend them, but I can recommend building a relationship with Erika. Good, kind-hearted, helpful people are very hard to come by in the modeling industry, so when you find a gem, like Erika, it would be wise to build a friendship that could last a lifetime!" - Lindsay B

"Amazing experience for my daughters! Girl power, self-esteem building, confidence booster, and healthy eating. We love Miss Erica" - Christine S

"Erika is a really experienced model and I have learned so much from her about the business of modeling. She really cares about her students and wants the best for them. She will teach you things that no one else can. She reveals the truth about the industry and it has really helped guide me and keep me safe when modeling.

Erika provided me with what I needed for my first photoshoot that will be published in a magazine! She is a great mentor and a blast to be around! I can thank More Than Modeling classes and her guidance for the successful start to my modeling career!" - Sara V

"Miss Erika is amazing. She truly has a heart of Gold. She held a free modeling camp during Thursday and Friday walk out. My daughter was only able to attend 1 day and learned so much. She truly builds them up from the inside out. Can’t wait for My daughter to return for some of the summer camps etc. 
Thank you thank you
" - Storm P

"If your child is currently modeling, or would like to be a model, then you need Miss Erika in your life! She is an experienced model and knows the industry inside and out. Not only does she teach technique, but essential and practical life skills for those in the industry. My daughter had ONE private lesson with Miss Erika and NAILED her LAFW walk! I can’t wait some summer camp because she’s going to be teaching the children things like healthy eating habits, safety from predators in the industry, etiquette and manners, proper face cleaning methods and SO MUCH MORE. She is lovely and has a way about her that the children connect with and enjoy. I highly recommend her services and we will be seeing a lot more of her as my daughters interest in modeling continues to grow." - Jennifer A

"My daughter recently completed the More Than Modeling spring break camp. She was eager to go every day and was excited to tell me what she had learned each day. Many were lessons we have tried to teach her, however they are much more well-received when coming from someone else! Erika taught them introductions, manners, how to see the good in people and much more. I loved seeing inspirational notes come home from her classmates. I feel the atmosphere is definitely one of inclusion and positivity and you can feel safe sending your child to Erika." - Kristi R

monation child modeling raising confidence in kids

Our beautiful student Sophie is published in Brand Model Magazine! Congrats Sophie!

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AND we are one of Voyage Phoenix's Rising Stars!  

We teamed up with MomNationAZ to help you help your child deal with rejection and bust some myths regarding the modeling industry!

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